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uPVC Window & Door Systems

ASAP-PVC is the preferred South African Supplier of uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) window and door systems.

Our Products are expertly manufactured by the European and global industry leader, Enderpen.

Our window and door systems are available in single and double glazing and are suitable for the following applications:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Hotel and hospitality industry
  • Various industrial applications

Our product range includes:

Tilt and turn windows, sliding windows, casements, french doors, multi-fold doors, in-line sliding doors.

Available Window and Door Configurations

The above configurations represent a small selection of available products. Please contact us for more information on our complete range.


As an industry leader in polymer solutions and applications, ASAP-PVC manufactures uPVC products for windows and doors that are characterised by superior quality and exceptional aesthetic appeal. Our extensive range can be utilized in renovation and new construction applications for commercial as well as residential buildings. Enderpen PVC Door & Window Systems is a European company that has been a leading supplier of uPVC products to the world since 1968. Renowned for high quality products, innovation and technical excellence, no other system can compete with the quality, resistance, aesthetic appearance and unlimited usage features that Enderpen and ASAP-PVC offers.

Our products are versatile and can be adapted to suit any building style. Our factory boasts large volume manufacturing capabilities which sets us apart from other uPVC suppliers. ASAP-PVC prides itself on employing the most advanced technology in conjunction with the qualified staff and the highest quality machinery available.

Research and development.       

ASAP-PVC combines the latest innovative technology and superior workmanship to bring you the newest development in uPVC windows and doors. Our products are the result of continuous and fastidious research into profile production technology. Our multi chambered structures and profile widths provide high insulation values whilst the specialised design of the re-inforced steel structure add multiple advantages to the product, such as:

  • 13mm diameter fitment holes ensures maximised security
  • Glazing beads are unique to Enderpen and ASAP-PVC
  • Huge variety of profile designs for versatile product application
  • 70mm profile width optimises insulation
  • Dropper sash profile blocks weather elements
  • Smooth surface ensures ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Various coloured profiles available
  • Profiles are manufactured to resist heat from -60 to +60 degrees(European)

What are the benefits and uses of uPVC

uPVC window and door systems boast many major advantages such as:

  • uPVC does not rot or biologically decompose and will not attract termites
  • It is resistant to weathering with low maintenance requirements and never needs painting
  • Is tough on impact and durable (no corrosion/peeling/etc.)
  • Is energy and thermally efficient due to heat insulating properties
  • It retains its shape even in extreme climatic temperatures
  • Double glazing system assists with noise reduction
  • Strongly resistant to chemicals, sunlight and condensation
  • Easy to clean and recyclable
  • Beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Years of dedicated research, development and testing ensures superior quality, optimised functionality and performance.

Product Features: 

  • Durable and weather proof
  • Adaptable to suit all design or building styles
  • Available in various colours and finishes
  • Advanced locking systems for increased security and peace of mind
  • If the safety and security of your home and family are priority, ASAP-PVC is the first choice when renovating or building your dream home. All our window and door profiles incorporate advanced locking systems and galvanised steel reinforcing to optimise security features.
  • Double glazed windows offer noise reduction, thermal insulation as well as added security benefits for peace and comfort in your home.
  • Beauty and elegance: uPVC Products are expertly manufactured for stunning visual appeal and boasts increased safety & security features.

Quality Guaranteed:

Enderpen and ASAP-PVC assure our consumers of the highest quality products. Our staff are qualified and highly trained to offer you the best advice in order that you may make informed decisions regarding your building needs.

Our products have been quality certified by all the relevant quality control boards and adhere to every prescribed industry requirement.

Technical Aspects

The formulation of uPVC contains Titanium Dioxide, an inhibitor which combats the harmful effects of UV rays in uPVC products. Due to the origination of uPVC in European countries, it required years of further testing and research to perfect the product for the harsh conditions experienced in some areas of Southern Africa. uPVC is guaranteed to endure all weather conditions without warping, corroding or deteriorating in any way. uPVC products also require very little to no maintenance. Our window frames only require cleaning and occasional oiling of hinges and locks.

Manufacturing Process

ASAP-PVC window frames are fusion welded at the corners, therefore requiring no glue or screw joints. Water drainage slots are incorporated into all the profiles and they are reinforced with galvanised steel which significantly increases the strength of the complete unit.

Our frames are designed to accommodate multiple chambers which reduces heat transfer and results in improved energy efficiency and reduced heating and cooling costs. Homes and buildings remain cool during summer and heat is prevented from escaping during the cold months of winter.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is a manufacturing process of windows where the complete window structure is formed by two panes of glass with a space of several millimetres in thickness separates the two panes. Air becomes trapped between the two panes and an insulating layer (vacuum) is formed. In order to ensure that there is no moisture present between the two panes, a drying agent is added before the unit is finally sealed. Double Glazing is an innovative method incorporated in the manufacturing process of our doors and windows in order to improve the energy efficiency of the homes and building in which they are used. Although double glazing is a more expensive option when compared to standard single pane windows, the cost is quickly recovered through heating and cooling bills.

Double glazing is also effective in controlling and reducing the noise factor and is an environmental aid through the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from homes.

The Process

The glass is cut to the appropriate size that is required for the intended application. The panes are then spaced to create the air pocket between the panes.

A worker then seals the unit completely, creating a fully insulated, damp and weather-proof structure.

The structure is now ready to be fitted into custom-sized frames which can be colour matched to suit any style.

Advanced Locking Systems and Other Features

uPVC windows and doors are extremely strong and durable. All our door and window frames are fitted with tried and tested multi-point locking systems which are highly burglar resistant for increased security.

  • Multi-point Locking Systems on all windows and doors
  • Automated electronic and remote controlled closing and opening mechanisms and door blinds.
  • Available in various vibrant paint colours